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CEREC Same-Day Restorations

When you’re suffering from a damaged or weakened tooth, pursuing treatment right away is important. If the issue lingers, patients experience significant discomfort, further infection, and tooth loss. However, many busy patients don’t have time to attend the multiple appointments crowns and other restorations typically require. If you need relief now, please talk to our dental team in Lansdowne, VA about CEREC. Dr. Wael Elosta uses this incredible technology to create a permanent restoration in just a few hours, allowing patients  to leave that same day with a vastly improved smile.

How does CEREC work?

The process is very simple – our team at Lansdowne Family Dental captures digital images of the tooth or teeth in question so the CEREC system can design a new crown, bridge, inlay, or onlay. Once this design is complete, the milling unit gets to work transforming a block of porcelain into your brand-new, quality restoration. Then, all that’s left is for Dr. Elosta to place it and get the patients’ feedback on the fit and look so that we know patients are happy with the final result. That’s it! The entire process is completed in only a couple of hours, and you can walk out that very same day with a new, permanent restoration you’ll be proud of.

Some benefits of choosing a personalized CEREC restoration include: